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Research and Reviews in Electrochemistry is a premier open access journal devoted to publishing research that demonstrates significant scientific discoveries in all areas of electrochemistry. The Journal welcomes the following article types: Editorial, Commentary, Hypothesis & Theory, Methods, Mini Review, Opinion, Original Research, Perspective, Review, short communications, and rapid communications.

Aims and Scope

The journal aims to bring cutting-edge research across the entire spectrum of electrochemical science emphasizing the application of electrochemistry to technological development.

Its scope encompasses, but is not limited to the following fields:

·         Electrochemical energy conversion, conservation, and storage

·         New battery systems, fuel cells, super capacitors

·         Solar cells, power delivery, industrial synthesis

·         Environmental remediation, cell design, corrosion

·         Electric and magnetic field effects

·         Computational and theoretical electrochemistry

·         Electrochemical reaction engineering

·         Bioenergetics and signal transduction

·         Biomembranes and model membranes

·         Medical applications of electrochemistry and bio-electrochemistry

·         Electrochemical treatment of effluents

·         Molten state and solid state electrochemistry

·         Surface finishing, electroplating, electrodeposition

·         Sensors, and applications of molecular electrochemistry

submission can be sent as an attachment to:  electrochemistry@tsijournals.com or editor.tsrre@chemistryjournals.org



Special Issue Topic 1:  "Nanoelectrochemistry" is being edited by

Dr Ruiyong Chen,

Transfercenter Sustainable Electrochemistry, Saarland University,

Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Europe. 

Dr Fengxiang Yin,

State Key Laboratory of Organic-inorganic Composite, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China.

Deadline for submissions: March 20, 2017


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