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Materials Considerations for Flexible Supercapacitors

Author(s): Gary Charles

Flexible supercapacitors are very appealing for a wide range of emerging portable lightweight consumer devices. The incorporation of a flexible electrode or substrate material to combine structural flexibility with the inherent high power density of supercapacitors is what distinguishes a flexible supercapacitor. Flexible supercapacitors can use either a non-Faradaic energy storage process like the electric double layer capacitor type or a Faradaic mechanism like the Pseudocapacitors (PCs). This review takes into account the most recent advances in pseudocapacitive electrode materials, fabrication techniques, and new materials for electric double layer capacitors, as well as various flexible substrates. Future directions in developing new materials are highlighted in order to improve the enerO7292022gy density and cost-effectiveness of flexible supercapacitors and their use in conjunction with lithium-ion batteries.

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