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A thermodynamic PC model named Thermodynamic Operation Point Simulation (Topsim) and modified in Delphi, was created to ascertain the consistent state thermodynamic activity purpose of a fluidized bed process. The model was produced for a Glatt GPCG-1 fluidized bed unit in the top-shower setup however the methodology is completely transferable to other and greater arrangements. Convective and radiative warmth misfortunes were remembered for the estimation of thermodynamic reaction factors and in light of the fact that heat misfortunes and outlet air thermodynamic properties are interrelated the technique of differing the wet-bulb temperature was created. The standard of this estimation technique includes a steady reduction of the procedure wet-bulb temperature until the warmth misfortune showing up in the warmth balance coordinates the real warmth misfortunes. It was exhibited that consideration of warmth misfortunes improves obviously the model's presentation and from approval tests it was seen that reproduction of the thermodynamic activity point by Topsim is dependable. Henceforth, such a model aides in understanding the effect of procedure factors and surrounding changes known as the supposed climate impact. In addition the model can be applied in model prescient control of the thermodynamic activity point.

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