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 Journals of thermodynamic is a Peer reviwed force of a reaction is usually taken as the chemical potential difference between products and reactants. The proper thermodynamic driving force is the change in enthalpy is negative and the change in entropy is positive, reaction is endothermic, it can still be spontaneous IF the tendency towards maximum entropy is the main driving force for the reaction. You can see this by putting a thermometer in a glass of warm water, adding an ice cube, and watching the temperature go down as the ice melts if a reaction results endothermic reaction described is of cooking an egg. In the process, the heat from the pan is being absorbed by the egg, in a decrease in the entropy of the system the reaction is said to be spontaneous, and thus, enthalpy and entropy are the two driving thermodynamic forces of chemical reactions. Difference between the exponentials of the totalled chemical potentials of reactants and products.  

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