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  The manubrium (Latin: handle) is the comprehensive upper part of the sternum. It has a quadrangular shape, narrowing from the top, which gives it four borders. The suprasternal notch (jugular notch) is situated in the middle at the higher widest part of the manubrium. This notch can be touched amid the two clavicles. On also side of this notch are the right and left clavicular notches. The manubrium joints with the body of the sternum, the clavicles and the cartilages of the first pair of ribs. The mediocre border, oval and rough, is surrounded with a reedy layer of cartilage for articulation with the body. The side borders are each marked above by a depression for the first costal cartilage, and below by a small facet, which, with a similar facet on the upper angle of the body, forms a notch for the reception of the costal cartilage of the second rib. 

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