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Vitex doniana sweet, a plant regularly known dark plum, in English, prunier noir in French, dinya in Hausa, ucha koro in Igbo, oori-nla in yoruba and ngarmi in Kanuri, is a medium-sized deciduous tree, 8-18 m high, with a substantial gathered crown and an unmistakable bole together to 5 m. V. doniana is from Verbenaceae family and plentifully happening in savannah districts. It very well may be found all through tropical Africa. The ethanolic concentrate of Vitex doniana stem bark (11.9 g) was exposed to a silica gel quickened section chromatography and eluents parts (150 ml aliquots) got were gathered and checked with slight layer chromatography (TLC). Parts with comparable Rf esteems from same solvents framework were poled together. Phytochemical trial of the considerable number of divisions were perform. Complete elution yielded 48 parts (150 ml/division) which were pooled to 24 portions lastly to eight divisions and coded. Division Vd8-a (56 mg) has gave a solitary detect a white gem compound coded V1 on checking with TLC and saw under Ultraviolet light .The Rf esteems was determined to be 0.433 and softening point was seen as 241-243°C uncorrected. The infrared range of compound V1 shows conspicuous pinnacles that compares to OHstr (3365 cm-1) and C=0 (1652 cm-1). The 1H NMR (400 MHz) range of compound V1 in DMSO-d6 showed five singlet signals. It further demonstrated a wide singlet at δ 5.58 incorporated for 1 H is because of an olefinic H-iota nearby the carbonyl carbon particle. Three signs at δ 3.10' (d, J=9.0 Hz, H-22), 3.59 (m, 1H, 2H-an) and 3.72 (m, 1H, 3H-e) each coordinating for one proton is because of an oxymethine protons showing that three oxymethine H-particles were available in the compound. The 13C-NMR range demonstrated the nearness of 27 carbon molecules, proposing that might be steroid skeleton and DEPT-135 spectra indicated the nearness of five CH3, eight CH2, and seven CH gatherings, and seven quaternary C-iotas. The sub-atomic recipe was set up as C27H44O7 by HRES-MS positive particle mode m/z 481.3179. In light of the unearthly investigation, the compound V1 is along these lines finished up to have ecdysteroids skeleton and indisputably affirms with 2β, 3β 14α, 20R, 22R, 25-hexahydroxy-5 β cholest-7-ene-6-one, regularly known as 20-hydroxyecdysone. This is the first run through this compound was segregated from Vitex doniana sweet. 

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