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Poultry is characterized as local fowl commonly raised for eggs or meat or tamed fowl on the whole, particularly those esteemed for their meat and eggs, as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. The training of poultry occurred a few thousand years prior. This may have initially been because of individuals bring forth and raising youthful feathered creatures from eggs gathered from the wild, however later included keeping the winged animals for all time in imprisonment. Poultry is developed in mind blowing numbers with chickens being the most various. Poultry Farming with the help of mixture poultry animals is making more yields. Though various maladies are species explicit, suggesting that they can simply occur in one animal creature gatherings, various contaminations can be spread between different animal species. These are overwhelming ailments, realized by tiny living beings, contaminations, or different disorder welcoming on living creatures that can live In people just as in different creatures moreover. Consequently it fundamental to stay away from expected hazard in such circumstances. 

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