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Postmortem redistribution (PMR) alludes to the progressions that happen in drug fixations in the afterlife. It includes the redistribution of drugs into blood from strong organs, for example, the lungs, liver, and myocardium. Drug properties, for example, volume of conveyance, lipophilicity, and pKa are significant elements. Profoundly lipid-dissolvable drugs given by intravenous or inward breath techniques are at first conveyed to organs with high blood stream. ... On the off chance that the site of activity of the drug was in one of the exceptionally perfused organs, redistribution brings about end of the drug activity. Medical toxicologists taking an interest in scientific cases including drugs liable to experience PMR must know about its likely commitment to the postmortem drug focus. Connection with research facility information and any accessible antemortem or perimortem clinical data is important to render a fitting assessment on the reason for death.

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