Pharmaceutical Care Open Access

 Pharmaceutical care is a patient-centered, outcome-oriented pharmacy profession that allows the pharmacist to collaborate with the patient's and other health care professionals to maintain safety, prevent illness, and assess, track, administer, and adjust medication usage to ensure safe and efficient drug therapy regimens. Pharmaceutical Care's goal is to optimize health-related quality of life for the patient, and achieve positive clinical outcomes within realistic economic spending. There has to be interaction between the pharmacist and the patient to ensure that a relationship is established and maintained based on care, trust, open communication, cooperation and mutual decision-making. In this relationship, the pharmacist holds the health of the patient paramount, maintains an acceptable attitude of caring for the wellbeing of the patient, and uses all of his / her technical skills and abilities on behalf of the patient. The patient offers to provide personal information and interests, in return, and to engage in the therapy program. The pharmacist establishes strategies for ensuring that the patient still has access to prescription treatment. Pharmacists must gather and/or produce subjective and reliable information regarding the general health and activity status of the individual, previous medical history, history of treatment, social history, history of diet and exercise, history of current disease, and economic condition.