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This position paper thinks about various parts of reciprocal taking care of (CF), focussing on sound term newborn children in Europe. Subsequent to checking on current information and practices, we have detailed these suggestions: Timing: Exclusive or full bosom taking care of ought to be advanced for in any event 4 months (17 weeks, start of the fifth month of life) and elite or transcendent bosom taking care of for around a half year (26 weeks, start of the seventh month) is an alluring objective. Correlative nourishments (solids and fluids other than bosom milk or newborn child recipe) ought not be presented before 4 months yet ought not be deferred past a half year. Content: Infants ought to be offered nourishments with an assortment of flavors and surfaces including harsh tasting green vegetables. Proceeded with bosom taking care of is suggested close by CF. Entire cows' milk ought not be utilized as the primary beverage before a year old enough. Allergenic nourishments might be presented when CF is started whenever following 4 months. Babies at high danger of nut hypersensitivity (those with serious skin inflammation, egg sensitivity, or both) ought to have nut presented somewhere in the range of 4 and 11 months, following assessment by a properly

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