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Osteoporosis Studies

 Osteoporosis is a multifactorial and gradually developing worldwide medical issue. The lifetime danger of biting the dust from hip break is same as that from bosom disease. One out of three ladies between age gathering of 50-60 years in India experiences osteoporosis. Indian ladies have an early period of beginning of osteoporosis when contrasted with western partners. There is requirement for early analysis, ID of high-chance gatherings and anticipation and treatment of osteoporosis in the Indian setting. The point of this examination was to survey the writing distributed in a decade ago and contrast the exploration in India and that in rest of the world.    Examination articles with watchwords menopausal, osteoporosis and bone mineral thickness were looked in Pubmed from January 2004 to December 2013. Articles were sorted by year, spot and goal of the examinations.    In India more articles were distributed in year 2010-11 (53.3%), while outside the nation a uniform circulation of studies was watched all through the most recent decade. Target of examination was screening and determination (36.7%) and hazard factor distinguishing proof (40%) in the majority of the Indian investigations when contrasted with rest of the world. Exploration distributions on anticipation and treatment of osteoporosis are less in India (20%).

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