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Open Access In Physical Chemistry

 Physical chemistry is a branch of chemistry that relates to the physical structure of chemical compounds, how they react with other matter, and to bonds that bind their atoms together. Open Access Physical Chemistry journals which are accessible freely to readers without political , legal or technological obstacles other than those which are inseparable from access to the internet itself. The benefits and drawbacks of Open Access Physical Chemistry journals are the subject of much debate between scholars and publishers. The responses of established publishers to Open Access Physical Chemistry Journal Publishing ranged from switching vigorously to a new open-access business model, to experimenting with having as much free or open access as possible, to vigorous lobbying against open-access initiatives. Many of the obvious benefits of Open Access Physical Chemistry journals include unrestricted access to scientific papers regardless of association with a subscription library, lower prices for study in academia and industry, as well as better access for the general public and higher quotation levels for the author Physical Chemistry is a journal devoted to the development of research, observations and data on topics of interest to the understanding of the scientific world.  

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