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 Nutrition is fundamental for good health and the prevention, treatment and management of disease. Access to a sustainable and healthy diet is a key requirement across the life course and across the globe. The relationship between food, nutrition and health, however, is complex, dynamic, and multi-faceted and highly affected by biological as well as environmental, socioeconomic, cultural and behavioural factors. Global population growth, climate change and pressure on natural resources, poor access to healthy foods, unhealthy lifestyles, and growing consumer demand, all present an increasing challenge. Paradoxically, whilst in the developing world around 800 million people suffer from chronic undernourishment, both developed and emerging economies are facing the problem of rising levels of obesity and diet related disease heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. This is largely due to changes in patterns of consumption and the type of food consumed, as well as more sedentary lifestyles. High quality, multidisciplinary nutrition research and effective collaborations are key to improving global health. 

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