Luminescent Semi-conductor Quantum Dots

Luminescent semi-conductor quantum dots (QDs) are an excellent class of nano-structured materials. As compared with conventional fluoreophores, QDs have a number of advantages, for example, stronger, narrower and more symmetrical fluorescence emission, excellent photostability, and size-tunable colors. A series of different-colored QDs can be activated by using a single laser source. Researchers have reported immense potential uses of QDs in optoelectronic and biological applications. In the last decades, most studies on QDs have focused on its ultra-sensitive biological detection, as well as a host of other bio-applications such as gene expression studies, highthroughput screening, and medical diagnostics based on optical coding technology. OMICS Group International is one of the leading Open Access Publishers which is publishing 700+ peer-reviewed journals with the support of 50,000+ editorial board members as editorial team and aimed to disseminate the scholarly knowledge to the scientific society. OMICS Group also organizing 3000+ International Scientific Conferences and events yearly all over the world with the support of 1000+ Scientific associations worldwide.