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Online peer reviewed alcoholism journal is a world journal dedicated to publishing original research, peer-review, scholarly reviews, commentaries, and policy analyses within the area of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and dependence. Articles range from studies of the chemistry of drugs of abuse, their actions at molecular and cellular sites, in vitro and in vivo investigations of their biochemical, pharmacological and behavioral actions, laboratory-based and clinical research in humans, drug abuse treatment and prevention research, and studies employing methods from epidemiology, sociology, and economics. The rationale for this extensive coverage is that the conviction that drug, alcohol, and tobacco use/dependence can't be understood in their entirety from one perspective which without an understanding of other areas of research, studies by individual investigators could also be limited. The goal of the journal is to supply researchers, clinicians, and policymakers access to material from all perspectives during a single journal during a format that's understandable and which has received a rigorous editorial review. The hope of its editors is to market mutual affection of the various facets of substance abuse to the advantage of all investigators involved in drug dependence research are facilitate the transfer of scientific findings to successful treatment.  

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