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, Volume: 10( 2) DOI: 10.37532/2277-288X.2020.10(1).147

Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Pharmaceutics 2020

Soukaina el maimouni

Professor, E-mail: [email protected]



Main Journal: International Research Journal of Basic & Clinical Studies

Supporting Journal: Education Research & Acta Chimica and Pharmaceutica Indica

After gaining a very favourable outcome out of the past conference in the Pharmaceutical Conference series, CPD accredited Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Science, Conference Series takes all the pride in announcing the Upcoming Conference in the successful series of Pharmaceutical Science Conferences.

Pharmaceutics 2020- The two-day gathering of world-renowned researchers, pharmacologists, Pharmacologists, experts and practitioners of Pharmaceutical science field is scheduled on December 14-15, 2020 in Dubai, UAE

Annual Congress on Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Pharmaceutics 2020 is going to happen on the December 14-15, 2020 in Dubai, UAE. Pharmaceutics 2020 desires at integrating all the renowned Pharmacologists, Pharma Researchers, and Health Care Professionals, Fellowship holders, Residents, pharmaceutical industries and Healthcare industries in the field of Pharmacy. The objective of this conference is to gather like-minded coteries to facilitate the flow of ideas, thoughts, suggestions and innovations.

This Pharmaceutics 2020 runs on the theme’ Explore the alliance in Pharmaceutical science’, which concedes that the conference will act as a platform for exploring the latest innovation in the field of Pharmaceutical science. In this gathering, the breakthroughs related to Pharmaceutics science are about to be deliberated and to spread awareness about the advancement in pharmaceutical science

Pharmaceutics 2020 will serve a great opportunity for the delegates of universities and Institutions as it allows people to interrelate with world-class Pharmacologists, Pharma Researchers and Businesspersons. Pharmaceutics 2020 will not simply be a stage estimation in a gigantic event of people, yet additionally, it’s an attempt to spread research advances in the ever evolving-field of Pharmaceutical science.

The scientific event focuses on this Pharmaceutics 2020 on the research which is currently being undertaken in the field of Pharmaceutical science including Pharmaceutical chemistry, drugs discovery & designs, manufacturing and so on.

Pharmaceutics 2020 Conference embraces Keynote speeches, Oral, Poster and Video Presentations. The fostered participants can confirm their participation by registering in Pharmaceutics 2020. All the accepted abstracts will be published in the supporting journals like International Research Journal of Basic & Clinical Studies, Education Research & Acta Chimica and Pharmaceutica Indica.

This conference will help the attendees in building a strong professional network by facilitating a fresh perspective of ideas, knowledge in recent advancements, one-on-one engagements and streamlining of techniques. Pharmaceutics 2020 Conference is organized under the belief that one-on-one interactions and discussions open door to innovations and inventions. We are proud facilitators of such an opportunity.

Pharmaceutics 2020 welcomes: Pharmacologists, Nursing & Health Care professionals, R&D Companies, PhD Scholars, Healthcare Companies, Pharma Societies, Researchers, Scientists, Business delegates, Health care institutions, Pharmaceutical companies, Faculty of Pharmaceutical science Engineering, Pharma Associations and Societies, Product development and marketing professionals, Healthcare Industries.

We soulfully welcome you to Dubai, UAE and hoping that Pharmaceutics 2020 will inspire you and will result in new collaborations and friendships!

Reach us for any queries!

Sheri Williams
Program Manager | Pharmaceutics 2020
Email 1: [email protected]
Email 2: [email protected]