Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), otherwise called androstenolone, is an endogenous steroid hormone precursor. It is one of the most plentiful coursing steroids in humans. DHEA is delivered in the adrenal glands,the gonads, and the brain. It capacities as a metabolic middle of the road in the biosynthesis of the androgen and estrogen sex steroids both in the gonads and in different other tissues. However, DHEA likewise has an assortment of expected natural impacts in its own right, authoritative to a variety of atomic and cell surface receptors, and going about as a neurosteroid and modulator of neurotrophic factor receptors.   In the United States, DHEA is sold as an over-the-counter enhancement, and medicine called prasterone.DHEA has been found to legitimately follow up on a few synapse receptors, including going about as a positive allosteric modulator of the NMDA receptor, as a negative allosteric modulator of the GABAA receptor, and as an agonist of the σ1 receptor 

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