Crime Scene

Crime-scene reconstruction is a key step and a deciding factor, where scene of crime, offense and sketch was built using and gathering information from all corners of the arena, right from the grass root level. Many of the time , evidence creates a story and helps an investigator to re-create the crime scene and establish the sequence of events. Based on proper analysis and interpretation, physical evidence has weight and more reliable than testimonial evidence. Testimonial evidence is more subjective in nature and sometimes mislead the entire process of investigation. In the case of any suspicious death the investigating officer/forensic connoisseur should investigate and decide the nature of death, if it is a suicide or homicidal or accidental by nature. During investigation of a suspicious death case, a broad and innovative thinking is required on the part of the forensic expert, who has visited the crime scene. He should come to know the scene of offense in his mind. Even if, evidences in that particular scene of offense shows the nature of crime, he has to follow some rules and regulations for future purpose as much as possible.