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 Chemoprevention is the utilization of a medicine, nutrient or supplement to prevent disease from occurring. This is regularly utilized for individuals who have a high danger of creating malignant growth. They may have a solid family ancestry, convey an anomalous quality, or have an individual wellbeing history that makes their hazard higher.   Disease starts when sound cells change and develop wildly. This structures a mass called a tumor. The procedure of a solid cell turning into a dangerous one normally takes years. What's more, numerous hereditary, dietary, and way of life factors, for example, smoking, may impact this procedure.    Disease chemoprevention utilizes substances to prevent malignant growth from creating. These substances might be regular or made in a research center. A specialist utilizes chemoprevention to bring down an individual's danger of creating malignant growth, particularly for:    Individuals who are at a high danger of creating malignant growth. This incorporates those with an acquired malignant growth condition or a family ancestry of disease.    Individuals who have just had malignant growth. Chemoprevention can bring down the danger of a malignant growth repeat or another disease. A repeat is the point at which the malignancy returns after treatment.    The medications utilized for chemoprevention are commonly not used to treat malignancy. What's more, taking them doesn't completely shield an individual from creating malignant growth later on.

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