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Cardiovascular processed tomography angiography (CCTA) is an imaging technique that utilizes a registered tomography (CT) scanner to take a gander at the structures and veins of the heart. These scanners have been utilized to picture veins in different pieces of the body for a long time. The heart vessels (coronary veins), notwithstanding, are increasingly hard to see since they are little and move very quick with the heartbeat. CT scanners are presently quick enough and can picture with enough detail to see the little moving coronary courses quite well. Preceding CCTA, to straightforwardly take a gander at the veins of the heart, one would need to experience an intrusive (inside the body) strategy called cardiovascular catheterization. CCTA is a non-obtrusive (outside the body) approach to assess the veins of the heart. In certain circumstances a CCTA should be possible rather than, or notwithstanding, a pressure test.

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