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 Biodiscovery is the discovery of compounds from natural sources with biological applications, particularly novel biomedicines. Biodiscovery generates chemical diversity that is used to find initial biological activity in disease focused screens ('hits'). The broad concept of biodiversity also includes the use of these compounds and ideas as biomedical research tools, antifoulants, catalysts, nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals) and personal care products (cosmeceuticals). The marine environment provides a broad range of diverse habitats from which novel sources of natural products can be derived. Studies from around the world have shown that marine organisms produce a diverse array of metabolites with novel chemical structures and potent biological activities as well as other desirable properties. The biodiscovery centre has a large library of extracts and pure compounds from marine biota. This library is available to be used for biological research and drug discovery under licence. The centre also brings together complementary expertise in biology, chemistry, chromatography and spectroscopy.  
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