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Aero Thermodynamic

 Aerodynamics dealing with conditions where there are significant heat exchanges in gases or significant thermal effects between gas and solid surfaces, as in very high-speed, generally supersonic flight. These fundamentals of thermodynamics and aerothermodynamics which are particularly applicable to propulsion problems will be given briefly but adequately. Extensive treatment or discussion of these subjects should, of course, be referred to the separate textbooks of thermodynamics and aerothermodynamics. The performance of a jet, rocket, nuclear, ion or electric propulsion system can always be analysed by four fundamental parameters, i.e., pressure, temperature, density and velocity inside the system. However, instead of using three physical properties of gases, three thermodynamic properties of gases are often used for convenience of calculations. Therefore, analysis of propulsion problems can be made by the application of the fundamentals of thermodynamics and aerothermodynamics.

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