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Case Report

, Volume: 6( 5)

What You Need To Know About Dietary Supplements

Author Name: Tayaba Zafar

Department of Food Science, Government college women university Faisalabad, Pakistan


A dietary supplement is a product, may be in the form of pill, in form of capsule, a tablet,powder or liquid, with the intention of fulfilling someone’s nutrition. These dietary supplements provide nutrition to body which may be extracted from food source or may be synthetically prepared. These nutrition include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and amino acids. Dietary supplements also contain that substances which are not essential for life but have beneficial biological effects on our body (pigments or poly phenols). Some dietary supplements are made from animal source (collagen from fish or chicken). These nutrients may be combined or sold individually

Introduction: In the Canada and US, these supplements considered a subset food. In our hectic life routine, we all need proper nutrients in our diet. When we can’t get them enough in our diet, it can be fulfilled through dietary supplements [1]. In my opinion, hostelized student should must take them and add these supplements to their routine life because of taking un appropriate diet in the hostel. These dietary supplements must be safe or properly labeled. The 1st dietary supplement product was manufactured in 18th century and that was “cod liver oil”. These dietary supplement does not treat any diseases. So, in the US, these types of claims are against federal regulations. The claims like “it helps in maintain healthy joints” are allowed with the disclaimer “FDA has not evaluated this claim”. These dietary supplements are used for the maintenance of healthy life and does not participate in diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of diseases. These supplements are made according to good manufacturing practices (GMPs).There are many types of dietary supplements. “Vitamins” include in this category. There are some vitamins which are not synthesized by the body and should must be taken through diet. If these vitamins are taken in low amount than recommended amounts, vitamin deficiency can cause. To avoid that deficiency, it is recommended to take vitamins supplements. “Minerals” are also included in dietary supplements. Now many essential minerals are marked as dietary supplement due to their increasing demand. “protein and amino acids” are also included in dietary supplements. Protein containing supplements are mostly in the form of ready to drink or as powder to be mixed with water [2]. This drink is than used for recovering people from illness and for aged people. Increase physical activity increase protein requirements therefore protein supplements are also largely used. “Body building supplements” are also taken largely by body builders, gamers and athletics. These body building supplements are used to increase muscles, body mass, body weight. “Essential fatty acids” are also used as dietary supplements. Commonly fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids, plants oil and nuts oil are used. Some dietary supplements are extract of “Natural products”,