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, Volume: 9( 9)

How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Affected Field Research and Scientific findings in Physics and Astronomy

Prof. Abd Elmoniem Ahmed Elzain
Department of physics, Kassala University, Sudan
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: September 27 ,2021; Accepted: October 12, 2021; Published: October 20 ,2021

Citation: Brent Zinserling, Commentary on Optoelectronics and Quantum Physics, J Phys Astron.2021;9(9):239

In the last few years from the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic to now a time, the scientific community all over the world is effected on academia and science, research has been just as severe as in other sectors throughout the world in all types of professional areas. Due to the needs for applying the pandemic constrains, as physical distancing and quarantine, laboratories around the world have wound down or restricted operations. These factors contribute strongly in unavoidably impacting space and astronomy.

Such changes have been added and appeared to scientists that forced them to reduce the fieldwork or surveys serve in present a new works to the field of physics and astronomy, so this leads some of the researchers contemplated leaving their scientific discipline due to a lack of resources, personnel and ability to continue experimental work or have been forced a decreasing amount of time to research. There is a fact that the "scientific research has changed the world" but now through this period and more than ever, "it needs to change itself".

The ongoing worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is affecting and having the most important or significant impact on the researches and industries of spaceflight, science, and professionals in physics and astronomy.

As some types of learning styles are enforced such as students out of school are turning to online remote learning, many institutions and research centers in the space group work community are taking up online efforts for science education, including astronomy craft projects and several virtual initiatives others in many parts of the world.

Although there are many challenges and obstacles in the field of scientific researches in physics and astronomy, there is a large efforts done by the publisher, editor in chief, editors, reviewers and authors of the Journal of Physics and Astronomy. These efforts yielded and led to improve the work in the journal to be with a strong reputation for publishing the best research in physics and astronomy. The journal was viewed as an attractive outlet in which to be published.

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