Zinc-titanium and cadmium-titanium nano composites as highly efficient photocatalysts in the destruction of pollutants in aqueous solutions

Author(s): T.A.Khalyavka, E.I.Kapinus, S.V.Camyshan

Mesoporous zinc-titanium and cadmium-titaniumpowders were synthesized. Their structural, sorption and photocatalytic properties were studied. The photocatalytic active phase anatase was founded in all samples. Zinc containing samples demonstrate the presence of zincite phase. Dependence of pore volume, specific surface area and pore radii of amount of the said dopants was investigated. The characterization results of nitrogen adsorption-desorption measurements show that the obtained materials have type IV isotherms with H2 hysteresis loops. The composites showed higher photocatalytic and sorption activities as compared with pure titanium dioxide against dyes, surfactant and dichromate anion.

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