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Volumetric properties of some drugs of pharmacological importance in water and 0.02mol kg-1MgCl2. 6H2Oat 298.15 and 308.15 K

Author(s): Muhammad Asghar Jamal, Muhammad Rashid, Ijaz.A.Bhatti, Khurram Shahzad

The volumetric properties of four anti-tussive drugs viz., ephedrine HCl, dextramethorphan HBr, aminophylline and diphenhydramine HCl includingApparent molar volume, V, partial molar volume, Vo, pair interaction parameter, SV, partial molar expansivity, Eo 2 and isobaric thermal expansion coefficient, 2 in water and 0.02mol kg-1MgCl2.6H2Oare determined at 298.15 K and 308.15 K.All these parameters have been computed from the measured solution densities obtained by an electronic vibrating tube density sound analyzer (DSA5000). However, applications of volumetric measurements to the study of solvation of above mentioned drugs reflects theoretical frame work to rationalize the measured volumetric observables in terms of solute-solute and solute-solvent interactions in water and 0.2mol kg-1.Aleast square fitmethod is used in computation of above mentioned properties.

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