Volatile constituents of essential oil of Curcuma aromatica salisb

Author(s): Mahesh Srivastava, Narendra Singh, Dhiraj Yadav, Ajay Kumar, Rohit, Anju Saxena

Essential oil froma new chemotype of C.aromatica Salisb. collected from the high altitude region ofNorthern Indiawas analysed byGCFID and GCMS on polar and non polar columns. On polar column, thirty-five constituents were identified in the essential oil of rhizomes representing 92.94% identification and thirty-nine constituents were identified in the essential oil of its leaves representing 97.99% identifications. The major constituents in the rhizome oil were identified as camphor (27.50%), 1,8 cineole (12.39%) and curdione (10.66%) and 1, 8 cineole (34.01%), camphor (13.94%), -terpineol (6.31%) and -terpinolene (5.04%) in the leaf oil.Analysis on nonpolar column resulted in identification of thirty-one constituents in the rhizome oil representing 86.70% identifications and twenty-nine constituents identified in the leaf oil representing 94.44%identification. The major constituents were camphor (17.86%), 1, 8 cineole (14.95%), isoborneol (10.70%) and borneol (6.64%) in the rhizome oil and -pinene (6.06%), camphene (7.49%), 1,8 cineole (21.87%), camphor (11.75%), and isoborneol (6.44%) in the leaf oil.

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