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Viscosity B- coefficient and apparent molal volume studies of aqueous electrolytes solutions at 298.15 K

Author(s): Yasmin Akhtar

Viscosities and densities of solution of aqueous electrolytes at different molalities have beenmeasured at 298.15 K. By using the data obtained and the appropriate thermodynamic equations, the parameters like apparentmolal volume v, partialmolal volume 0 v, relative viscosity rel, Jones-Dole B and Falkenhagen coefficient A, free energy of activation per mole of solvent 1 0# and free energy of activation per mole of solute 2 0# of the aqueous electrolytes solution have been computed. Results show that there are weak ion-ion interaction and ion-solvent interaction are very strong and greater structure making ability in case of MgCl2, KNO3 and Na2SO4. The order of structure making ability as Mg2+> Na+ > K+> Ba2+.

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