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Using reliable empiricalmethods in predicting performance of pure and mixed explosive formulations on the basis of heat of formation

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein Keshavarz*, Hamid Reza Nazari, Hadi Motamedoshariati, Reza Moghayadnia, Arash Shokrolahi, Abbas Zali

Some reliable empirical methods have been introduced so that they can combined in form of a new computer code for predicting performance of pure andmixed explosive formulations. If condensed phase heat of formation of explosive was not available, computer code can calculate gas phase heat of formation of explosive and use appropriate method to evaluate its performance. Detonation pressures at various loading densities, heats of detonation and detonation temperatures as important detonation parameters can be calculated by new computer code. Predicted results show good agreement with experimental values. The results of new computer code for detonation pressures and detonation temperatures also give comparable results with respect to the computed outputs obtained by complex computer code using BKWR and BKWS equations of state.

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