Use of empty fruit bunch as a potential raw material for the production of activated carbon

Author(s): Isam Y.Qudsieh

Activated Carbons (ACs) are widely used as adsorbents for purification, separation and recovery purposes. The potential of AC in the removal of heavymetals such as Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt and Iron fromindustrial effluents is currently receiving a global attention without much consideration for the characterization and synthesis method due to their high adsorptive power. Empty Fruit Bunches (EFBs) contribute a greater percentage of solid waste and consequently become an environmental problem in palm oil producing area. These Empty Fruit Bunches tested positive as a potential rawmaterials forAC production. However, the best productionmethod is not yet established. Various methods of activated carbon production and the effect of these methods on agriculturalwaste specifically EFB were understudied in this article. Suggestions were made based on the identified problems and finally, Empty Fruit Bunch is recommended for use in the production of activated carbon to reduce its effect as environmental pollutants.

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