Use of CyDTA for Fe3+mask to improve the purity of TiO2 product

Author(s): Minghua Wang*,Amin Yang, Miao Wang, Chuiyu Kong, Gangda Li, Yuchun Zhai

Impurities removal and hydrolysis of TiO2+ aqueous solutions are core techniques in sulfuric acid method for titania industry, wherein, removal of Fe3+ from titanium solution is a puzzle in industry because Fe(OH)3 yields during hydrolysis process, leading that subsequent formed Fe2O3 affects variable properties of titanium white. In order to solve the problem, cyclohexane diamine-tetracetic acid (CyDTA), an organic complex, was added in titaniumsolution to incorporate Fe3+ in this paper in case of hydrolysis of Fe3+ into Fe(OH)3 dispersing into hydrolysis products ofTiO2+ and debasing properties of the latter. Single factor experiment employ- ing CyDTA as a complex to incorporate Fe3+ presents that: purity of TiO2 increases with mole ratio of CyDTAto Fe3+, reaching 99.56% when the ratio is 3. The content of Fe2O3 reduces to be 0.43% in final product. Anatase TiO2 product was prepared according to XRD diagram result following the above conditions. TiO2 production flow sheet will be optimized if the addition of CyDTA is considered based on the current titaniumslag technology.

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