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Use of Cow urine and Cow urine distillate as larvicidal agents - An approach for mosquito control

Author(s): S.V.Praveen Kumar, A.Chinmaya, S.J.Sudharshan, T.R.Prashith Kekuda, K.S.Vinayaka

Mosquitoes constitute a major public health menace, serves as a vector for transmitting diseases to humans. In the present study, the larvicidal effect of different concentrations of Cow urine (CU) and Cow urine distillate (CUD) were tested against Culex quinquefasciatus larvae up to three days. All the tested concentrations showed larvalmortality. Larvalmortalitywas 100%within 24 hours in case of 15%Cowurine and 10%and 15%of Cow urine distillate. In case of 5%CUD, complete larvalmortalitywas observed in second day.About 95%of mortality was observed in case on 5% CU on 3rd day. It was found that CUD is more effective in causing larval mortality than CU and the larvicidal activity was dose dependent. The larvicidal activity could be due to the active inhibitory principles present in CU and CUD. It is suggested that the CU and CUD possess larvicidal properties that could be developed and used as natural insecticides for mosquito control.

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