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Use of cellulase in food industries

Author(s): Uroosa Ejaz

Plant cell wall degrading enzymes can be obtained by the fermentation of agricultural waste products. Microbial enzymes have been utilized for many centuries, but the commercial use has been recently adopted. Cellulases of microbial origin have shown their potential application in various commercial sectors including biofuel, agricultural, brewing, extile, pulp and paper. Cellulase have, particularly, diversified applications in food industry, food service, food supply and food preservation. Indeed, cellulases can increase aroma and taste in food items, extract tea polyphenols and essential oil from olives, hydrolyze the roasted coffee, reduce roughage in dough, clarify the fruit juices, and also tenderize fruits. However, their role in food industries has by and large remained neglected. Technological and scientific developments and the future prospects are expected to further expand cellulases prospective usage in food industry

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