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Unprecedented Example of Metal Complexes With 1-Aminomethyl-1-Cyclohexane Acetic Acid

Author(s): Amshumali MK, Abhilash N, Mallikarjunagouda Patil

A new coordination complexes of cobalt and nickel are synthesized using Gabapentin, [1-(amino methyl)-1-cyclohexane acetic acid] as a ligand. Complexes have been characterized by XRD. single crystal x-ray diffraction studies reveal that the cobalt complex (1) is coordinated with four gabapentin molecules and nickel complex (2) is with one gabapentin. Further, the ligand is in the neutral form in the complex (1) and in zwitter ion form in complex (2). Molecular docking study of complex (1) reveals that this complex may have better activity than gabapentin.

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