Two diglucosylated anthocyanins fromCombretumPaniculatumflowers

Author(s): Adama Hema, Eloi Palé, Pierre Duez, Michel Luhmer, Mouhoussine Nacro

From Combretum paniculatum flowers, two diglucosylated derivatives fromcyanidin and pelargonidinwere identified using chromatographic (TLC), chemical (degradation by hydrolysis, tests of revelations) and spectral [UV-visible, 1H-NMR (1H and 13C, TOCSY-1D,DQF-COSY, NOESY-2D)] methods. These pigments were found to consist of cyanidin 3,5-O-â-Ddiglucopyranoside and pelargonidin 3,5-O-â-D- diglucopyranoside.

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