Thermo-physical properties of selected cassava root varieties (NR8082, IMS30572, NR021201 and Nawibibo)

Author(s): U.N.Onwuka, C.U.Chigbu

A line heat source apparatus was fabricated, calibrated and used to measure the heat transfer through a 50.8mm diameter for four (4) cassava root varieties namelyNR8082, IMS30572, NRO21201 and Nwaibibo at 5 min, intervals. The temperature readings obtained through Omega HH 147 RS 232 Data logger 4-way thermocouple were used to calculate the thermal properties (thermal conductivity, K; thermal diffusivity, á; specific heat, C; and density ñ, for twomoisture levels ranged from50%-69%wet basis. The result showed that thermal conductivity ranged from 0.23 to 0.37Wm-1K-1, thermal diffusivity and specific heat varies from(3.01 to 3.8)  10-7m2s-1 and 1.518 to 3.283Kj/KgK respectively, while the density ranged between 417 to 466 Kgm3This result confirmed that thermo-physical properties are dependent on moisture content, and significantly between varieties NR8082 and IMS30572 atP<0.05, but no differencewas observed between IMS30572, NR021201 andNwaibibo (P>0.05).

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