Theoretical investigations of mixing properties in Ni-Pd liquid alloys

Author(s): I.Koirala, B.P.Singh, I.S.Jha, D.Adhikari

Asimple approach to statisticalmechanical theory based on regular solution has been used to investigate possible chemical association inNi-Pd liquidalloysat1873K. Assumingtheexistenceofachemical association of the formNiPd, themodel was used to deduce information on thermodynamic, structural and surface properties of the alloys. The concentration dependent of the free energy ofmixing, heat ofmixing, entropyofmixing, concentration fluctuation inthe long wavelength limit,Warren-Cowley short range order parameter, ratio of diffusion coefficients, activityof the components, surface tension and surface concentration of nickel-palladiumalloys have got special attention to showa tendencyof like atompairing in themixture.

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