The Study Of Semiconductor Oxide/H2O2/UV System As A Photocatalytic System For Deoximation: The Effect Of Some Operational Parameters

Author(s): M.Montazerozohori, B.Karami, S.Joohari

In this report titanium dioxide(anatase and rutile) and zinc oxide as semiconductor oxides are used as photocatalysts while hydrogen peroxide is auxilary oxidant. A variety of oximes were converted to their carbonyl compounds in the present of photocatalysts with hydrogenperoxide under UV-irradiation by 400W high pressure mercury lamp. The observed results revealed that the order of photocatalytic activity for deoximation was ZnO>TiO2(rutile)> TiO2(anatase). The effect of some other physicochemical parameters such as amount of photocatalyst, solvent and time of irradiation were studied. The carbonyl compounds were regenerated from the related oximes after 14-22h. The results showed the photostability of this type of compounds.

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