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The Post COVID-19 business of food, sports, media and entertainment

Author(s): Sima Hamadeh

Major shifts in food, lifestyles and communication patterns are occurring in consequence to COVID-19 outbreak. The aim of this paper is to illustrate a holistic picture of the business and technology trends that are redefining the food, sports, media and entertainment industries. Most scrutinized literature was collected from different sources including PubMed and covering nutrition, lifestyles and communication treated fields during COVID-19. Results showed that the impact of COVID-19 has been felt keenly in the nutrition and entertainment world, where it has dramatically changed how products are developed and services are managed. Digital technology helped to uncover new approaches for driving solutions in todayâ??s food, sports and entertainment functions such as communication, marketing, social media, facilities and events management, and global issues that are related to these areas. Populations are experiencing a new relation with nutrition, lifestyles patterns and creative marketplaces where e-commerce for food and beverages, e-sports and online sports competitions are growing fields for overall human wellbeing and entertainment during quarantine. Nutrition economic is a reality for suitable understanding of food and sports consumerism trends and projections worldwide. Future public health nutrition and communication policies must consider different industries playersâ?? roles and multidisciplinary sectors, thereby enabling the development of coherent strategies that will ultimately benefit the food chain, the sports and entertainment businesses, the digital technology, the social media, and the globe environment during emergency settings.
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