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The microbial count in sugarcane juice obtained from common crusher and effect of its on changes of colour

Author(s): Vimalesh Kumar Singh, Vinod Singh Yadav

The microbial cell population present in sugarcane juice and their role in colour formation in sugarcane juice have been ascertained. Their cell population in sugarcane juice has been determined. The data obtained revealed that the mesophiles and thermophiles were present in sugarcane juice. The microbial density decreases as cane juice progress through different temperatures. The microorganism plays an important role not only in the deterioration of various types of juices but also results in the development of more colour due to the formation of metabolic products of microbes. Colour analysis of sugarcane juice carried out by the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) methods showed that variation of colour values was observed. The Colour deterioration of sugarcane juice was also studied at various time periods at intervals of four hours each

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