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The Influence of Bio Additive on the Compression Ignition Engine with Diesel and Mahua Methyl Ester Biodiesel

Author(s): S. Sivaganesan* and M. Chandrasekaran

The experimental investigation analyses various characteristics of diesel engine like performance, combustion and emission with diesel and 20% concentration of mahua biodiesel blend in diesel with bio additives. Both the diesel and biodiesel fuel was injected at 23º BTDC. The testing was carried out with three different ratio of bio additive. Biodiesel was extracted from mahua oil, 20% (B20) concentration is found to be best blend ratio from the earlier experimental study. The bio additive was added to B20MEOM at the various concentrations of 1 mL, 2 mL and 3 mL, respectively. The main objective is to obtain minimum specific fuel consumption, better efficiency and lesser Emission using bio additive blends. The results concluded that full load show an increase in efficiency when compared with diesel, highest efficiency is obtained with B20MEOMBA 3 mL bio additive blend. It is noted that there is an increase in thermal efficiency as the blend ratio increases. This can be attributed to better combustion due to higher oxygen content in the bio additive blend. Biodiesel blend has performance closer to diesel, but emission is reduced in all blends of B20MEOMBA 3 mL compared to diesel. Thus the work marks for the suitability of biodiesel blends in diesel engine as an alternate fuel.

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