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The global market for nanotechnology products should grow from $926 million in 2019 to $4.3 billion by 2023

Author(s): Krishanthi Karunarathne

Nanotechnology has the potential to solve problems related to human civilizations, pertaining to both basic needs and aspirations for a comfortable life. The electronics sector is booming in APAC owing to the expansion prospects offered by the applying of applied science in integrated circuits and transistors enforced among a processor. Water treatment business is creating strides within the APAC region that is resulting in AN increased demand for the membranes. Membranes are the most prominently used nanotechnology products. Furthermore, advanced research on nanotechnology in this region is supporting the market. APAC had the utmost applied science market share of thirty one 12% in 2018. As per the International Trade Centre (ITC), the exchange of semiconductors including diodes and transistors was esteemed at $119.02 billion in 2018. This additionally reflects with the blasting semiconductor showcase that had a valuation of $420 to $430 billion starting at 2018, and the interest for semiconductors will watch a CAGR of 10% to 12% over the gauge time frame 2019-2025. Thus, other electronic items that use Nanotechnology are seeing an enduring development as far as income. A key use of nanotechnology is found in hardware and semiconductor items portion, which is assessed to develop at a generous CAGR of 15.01% through to 2025.

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