The Foliar Fatty Acids In The Weed, Ludwigia Adscendens L.

Author(s): A.Barik, T.C.Banerjee

The foliar fatty acid fractions and their relative concentrations in the weed, Ludwigia adscendens L. were determined by TLC and GC-FID analyses of methyl esters in the n-hexane extract of mature leaves. The lipids content was 5.74% of the mg/g dry leaf tissue. Fatty acids identified were palmetic acid (C16), oleic acid (C18) and stearic acid (C18) having 65.57, 4.85 and 10.79% concentrations, respectively. The identity of the peaks 1, 2 and 4 in the chromatogram could not be obtained, but these indicated 6.88, 6.09 and 5.82% concentrations in the mature weed leaf, respectively.

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