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The Evolution and Sustenance of Life

Author(s): Michael Deans

"An experiment with liquid nitrogen gave anomalous results, I proposed proton-ordered ice had contracted to accommodate water molecules' irregular tetrahedral shape. Recent reports of ice XIc at 72 K, below the ferroelectric transition temperature, confirmed it. Temperature fluctuations on primordial Earth’s poles released ice XIc's latent energy as ~4 m infrared laser light. After reflection by ice in clouds and on Earth's surface, it energized deoxynucleotides, turning Darwin's warm tropical waters to DNA noodle soup.

"tRNA analogues, transport DNAs lined proto-cell membrane pores with H-bonds. Laser light drove a ratchet pump mechanism, concentrating substrates and promoting synthetic reactions within. Replicate t-DNAs marked life's origin. They elude detection, chromosomal DNA masks ~2,000/cell. A report of DNA particles around the entry of sperm to ovum might be verified. Differentiation DNAs selecting tDNAs determine tissue cell diet and metabolism, c.f. mRNAs selecting tRNAs for protein synthesis. Adequate trace elements tDNAs employ govern survival.

"Twenty-one flat protein hairpins bind 189 base-pairs forming a ring, nine rings complete a minion. Minions pack chromosomes and ensure error-free replication. Their roles as biological clocks and chips in the brain explain psychology. Computers modeled on them promise human-friendly intelligence. They control nine metabolic pathways, predating enzyme synthesis. Adequate trace element nutrition promises better mental and physical health and longevity, public assurance of their safety is vital.

"ATP's Pi~Pi bond stores~4 m wavelength energy, e.g. sarcomeres form ½-wave resonant cavities for muscle contraction. Oscillating H-bond chains accelerate protons along adjacent minion tunnels fast enough to fuse with obstructing nuclei. Trapping the g-rays released could provide clean power, resolving global warming. My proposals restore the simplicity and public trust in science prevailing c 1900 AD, reinterpreting quantum weirdness and cosmology would redirect funds to conservation, humanitarian projects and diplomacy, ensuring a happy future."

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