The electrochemical solid phase nano extraction of melamine onBi(OH)3 colloidal modified carbon paste electrode by cyclic voltammetry

Author(s): Yongchun Zhu*, Wei Du, Jingyi Li, Qi Wu, Xue Dong, Hongsheng Yin

Electrochemical solid phase nano extraction (ESPNE) ofmelamine fromaqueous solution on bismuth hydroxide colloidal modified carbon paste electrode was studied by cyclic voltammetry. The extraction kinetics under optimal conditions follows a Gaussianmodel. The initial potential serves as the pre-concentration of bismuth cations by negative electrode field with an apparent first-order rate constant of 0.0749s-1, and is favorable for the final reduction of bismuth. The extraction thermodynamics follows Langmuir adsorption model with adsorption constant of 1.2852. The initial potential in the ESPNE process controls the oxidation state of the the extractent, bithmus hydroxide nano particles, and is fovorable for the extraction and monitoring processes.

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