The effect of physical factors on chemical composition of the essential oil of Cinnamomum tamala leaves

Author(s): Shahnaz Sultana, M.Ali, S.H.Ansari, Priyanka Bagri

The essential oil of the fresh leaves of Cinnamomum tamala Nees et Eberm (Lauraceae) of Delhi region was composed predominantly of eugenol (74.4%), isoeugenol (21.1%), acetyl eugenol, β-elemene and ethyl cinnamate. Heating of the oil at 110ºC for 24 hours showed percentage variation slightly. When the oil was exposed to the sunlight for 48 hours isoeugenol (59.4%) was the main constituent while the concentration of eugenol is decreased to 36.7%. Silica gel treated oil showed percentage variation slightly. Treatment of the oilwithUV light for 24 hours and alumina neutral increased the concentration of eugenol to 95.4 and 96.4%, respectively.

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