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The Effect of Aqueous Solution Treatment on The Li+ Storage Characteristics of Ti3c2clx Mxene Produced from Molten Salt

Author(s): Alison Parker

Due to the distinctive chlorides and -O surface groups, molten salt (MS) produced MXenes have been reported to have remarkable pseudocapacitive Li+ storage performance. We study the effect of different aqueous solutions (including H2O, 0.5 M H2SO4, 0.5 M NaOH, and 0.5 M ammonium persulfate (APS)) washing on the Li+ storage characteristics of Ti3C2Clx MXene. Ti3C2Clx-H2O, Ti3C2Clx-H2SO4, Ti3C2Clx-NaOH, and Ti3C2Clx-APS have maximum specific capacities of 137, 140, 103, and 204 mAh g1, respectively. The APS treatment, it is believed, will raise the -O termination content, resulting in increased lithium-ion storage capacity. NaOH treatment, on the other hand, causes partial conversion of Ti3C2Clx to TiO2, lowering the lithium-ion storage capacity. The importance of aqueous solution washing on Li is highlighted in this study.

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