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The Dynamics Of Organic And Low-Dimensional Inorganic Materials In Photo(Electro)Catalysis

Author(s): Jade Willson, Jimmy Clay, Jackson White

For its potential use in resolving energy and environmental problems, photo(electro)catalytic processes need to be studied at a fundamental level. Less research has been done on the exciton effect, which has an impact on their photo(electro)catalytic performance, particularly in organic and low-dimensional inorganic materials. Investigating the exciton dynamics involved in the photo(electro)catalytic process is therefore crucial, and strategies for regulating exciton dynamics are also required for enhancing photo(electro)catalytic performance. In this study, we outline the principles for controlling exciton dynamics in photo(electro)catalysis and introduce the exciton dynamics and key exciton characterisation tools. Finally, the issues now facing exciton dynamics in the photo(electro)catalytic process are explored, along with potential future advances. We anticipate that this study will shed light on the dynamics of exciton in photo(electro)catalysis, igniting further investigation into materials with potent exciton effects in photo(electro)catalytic applications.

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