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The Application of Nanotechnology to the Lengthening of the Shelf Life of Green Vegetables

Author(s): Kane Adams

The elimination of harmful organic pollutants existing in the environment, particularly in water sources, as a result of human productive activities has become a major research area focused on developing sustainable water treatment systems and procedures. With over 10,000 varieties of commercial dyes and 70,000 tons of trash created yearly, the leather, paper, plastic, and textile sectors employ dyes to color their goods while utilizing huge amounts of water. This discharge of wastewater into natural streams causes substantial issues, such as increased toxicity and oxygen demand in the effluents, as well as a reduction in the quantity of light that can flow through the water, negatively impacting aquatic life's photosynthesis. Because of the high molar absorptivity coefficients of dyes (1 ppm), the presence of modest concentrations of dyes (1 ppm) is extremely apparent and undesired.
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