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Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Biological Activities of Cu(Ii) Complex With Schiff’s Base Ligand Derived from Phenylacetylurea and Salicylaldehyde

Author(s): P. Durairaj, T. Maruthavanan, S. Manjunathan, R. Govindharaju and T. Ramachandramoorthy

A new copper(II) complex of Schiff’s base derived from phenylacetylurea condensed with salicylaldehyde (SBPS) and thiocyanate ion was synthesized by using microwave irradiation. Microwave synthesis gives high yield of the complex within a short time. The molecular formula and the probable geometry of the complex had been deduced from elemental analysis, electrical conductivity, magnetic susceptibility, infra red, electronic and EPR spectra. The molar conductance value indicates that the Cu(II) complex is a non-electrolyte. The FT-IR spectra show that SBPS and thiocyanate ion are coordinated to the metal ion in a monodentate manner. The covalency character of the complex was indicated by the EPR spectrum. The geometry of the complex was found to be tetragonally distorted octahedral. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of the free ligand SBPS and their Cu(II) complex were studied against the microorganisms, viz., E. coli, Klebsiella Pneumonia, P. aeurginosa, S. aureus, Bacillus cereus. Aspergillusflavus, Aspergillusniger, Aspergillusoryzae, Aspergillussojae and Candida albicans, using agar - well diffusion method. The complex shows moderate activity against the bacteria and enhanced activity against the fungi as compared to the free ligands.

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